Smart Swords Support

If something goes amiss with your smart sword, consider: is it a feature? If yes, enjoy! If not so much, try these tips:

1) Recharge
Maybe the lights keep flashing, or the smart sword wand turns off again as soon as you turn it on, or in some other way behaves erratically. Sounds like the battery could be low. Charge the wand and try again.

2) Reset
If a smart sword wand becomes unresponsive and won't turn off try pressing the "reset" button. Look for the hole at the top of the wand. Gently press the black button with a pin or pencil tip. Note that the hole doesn't always align perfectly with the button below, so you might have to poke in at an angle. The reset button can also be accessed by removing the cover (see below).

3) Remove the cover (advanced)
If you were unable to access the reset button through the cover you can find it on the blue circuit board near the top of the wand. Okay, go into careful mode and gently work the cover up a little at a time all the way around. What you don't want here is to force a stuck side, just lightly pry with something thin. To replace the cover, make sure all the parts are tucked in (like the battery), align the sides and gently snap into place, working your fingers around the perimeter.

4) Reach out
If none of these tips helped, then please get in touch. We want to understand and fix your problem so that, one, you can get back to playing, and two, we can improve the product. Describe the aberrant behavior in detail, include a picture or video if you think it'll help, and contact me.