Mixing Thank (and other NFTs)

Mixing Thank is a digital illustration (png) of one of the teen protagonists of The Half-Life of Trash, weary, wary, watching over the dump from atop a tower of old tires for any sign of life. Deep Slide is a timelapse of an illustration (mp4) from Nowhere Sits the Wind, an upcoming collection of stories from a distant post-post-apocalyptic world. Both are for sale on OpenSea (see below).

OpenSea is currently the largest NFT marketplace. An NFT is a non-fungible token. It’s proof-of-ownership guaranteed by the blockchain. Digital artists are using NFTs to auction limited editions of digital works. One of Beeple’s latest works, Bull Run, is worth 72 Ethereum—over $150,000! There are serious questions about how much energy it will take to maintain NFT contracts (the kind of question all blockchain technology will need to answer), but for now, I’m just enjoying this new way to support artists.

Making-of Timelapse on TikTok


Mixing Thank ##timelapse##illustration##music##loop

♬ original sound - Michael Carychao

NFT Auction at OpenSea


Deep Slide ##timelapse ##illustration ##music ##loop

♬ Deep Slide - Michael Carychao

NFT on OpenSea